What Is A Web Developer?

What Is A Web Developer?

In an agency or as a freelancer, a web developer’s job is to create products that meet clients’ needs. However, mike souheil e web development agencies specialist in particular sectors or have long-standing relationships with a single large client, so don’t assume that client work will always be varied; it’s important to research an organisation before you submit an application.

But what I will say is that over the course of the 2 years I’ve been doing web development, the #1 thing that has helped succeed (according to my own coworkers) was my excitement and my powerful drive to always be on the lookout for new things to learn.

Web development can be divided into three parts: code that executes in a web browser and determines what customers or clients will see when they land on a website (client-side scripting); code that executes on a web server and powers the behind-the-scenes mechanics of how a website works (server-side scripting); and database technology, which helps to keep a website running smoothly and efficiently.

I originally learned about responsive design and Bootstrap using Codeschool’s HTML & CSS path, but I recently found Udacity’s course by Google on Responsive Web Design Fundamentals to be fantastic at covering the basics and beyond in a far more complete manner than Codeschool did.

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