‘La La Land’ Director Aimed To Make A Film Even Musical Skeptics Would Love

‘La La Land’ Director Aimed To Make A Film Even Musical Skeptics Would Love

In La La Land,” Mr. Chazelle has a shot at something that has eluded auteurist titans like Peter Bogdanovich and Francis Ford Coppola: to make musicals matter again. The Dance Camera West Dance Film Festival showcases many forms of dance including modern dance, post modern dance, world dance, tap dance, dance theater, ballet, hip-hop and practically all dance that has been captured on film in a way that is of quality and essential value.

Far from the innovation of Moulin Rouge” (which annoyed at least as many as it enlightened), La La Land” is a standard-issue musical that could just as easily featured Fred and Ginger, or Gene Kelly, or Barbra Streisand (except its songs aren’t nearly bombastic enough).

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