great reason to get up in the morning

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Dream, has great reason to get up in the morning, believe in the power of a new day, sees the opportunities … just alive but not living just to live!

“” As a matter of daring
over yourself
By necessity
Play up
by not being afraid
Dream …. “”

“If you want to fly … download the past and dream as if it were the first.”

” Believe in imponderable and unlikely
Dream of the impossible becoming real
Make the difficulties poetry
manage unforeseen nostalgically
Convey love and partnership. ”

” Dream big and achieve the impossible. ”

” If you have a dream, dream to make it a reality. ”

Fight, even if the fight is hard, dream, even if dreams are impossible, believe, even if you are skeptical to the point of not seeing that life is unique and does not fit test.

“Let me dream my dreams.
It equips me with your reality …”

“Dream the most beautiful dream you can, there when you wake up the dream is close to be realized.”

Do not dream of the perfect person, when you think it will see that perfection is in almost everything we do not dream …

If someone offers you a smile, smile. If the world offers a dream, dream. Life is too short not to be lived ….

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First Dream, Then See, Then Verbalize and Now Perform!!!
Dream, Visualize, Verbalize, Realize.

Dream and very fervently that the only way Can you accomplish the unimaginable

“” I still want to find someone to do my time stop
That dream about me a future
What plant and harvest daily caresses
I still want to find someone special
and when you find
will be of love
from surrendering
totally and completely
Never again will we be alone … “.”

Believe God
Make plans
Anticipate better days
Have faith in tomorrow
But not ignore – now

“” If you are to go
then go
Do not look back
not dream again
I cannot be there … “”

Do not be afraid to dream
But never forget that
more than for those who dream
Dreams are for those who believe

DREAM, FIGHT AND CONQUER! undertake efforts to carry out their projects, choosing to fight for great causes, things that give the short or long term return you, you decide to fight for fight but always the BEST, because that is what you deserve: THE BEST.

This is the shortest and deep poem that I did:
Dream me.

Art is freedom of imagination.
Be art.
Love your mind. Dream. Imagine.
Be free and embrace it.

I love you beyond my imagination, not because I learned to love you, but because as much as I dream, you are still better than the dream!

always dream, always want to go beyond your dreams, because only the dreamer is that can truly WHAT want.

Dream and love intensely, it may be that lasts a second or an eternity!
But remember always be true!

Dream with your feet on the floor, but his hands in the clouds. Whatever is your cloud.

Dream of all, you will wake up with nothing and everything to start from scratch ”

Dream, plan, perform, reap the fruits, celebrate and give thanks; wake up on Monday refreshed and go out looking for new dreams.

“Feeding a dream only worth it when we walk with attitude. Dream on, but there is for it to become real”

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