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Hawkeye Firefly

$68.9 NOW! Hawkeye Firefly 7S 2160P 24FPS WiFi FPV Action Camera With IMX078


I don’t know if it’s a HW or SW issue; but when LCD is off, device emits audible electrical noise sound and microphone picks it, so you got weird sounds in your video. La stabilizzazione non è ancora sullo stesso livello della Hawkeye Firefly 7S normale, ma credo ci stiano ancora lavorando… Non l’ho scritto ma questa cam non è ancora disponibile negli store e noi siamo stati molto fortunati ad averla in anteprima, essendo una pre-release ci può stare che qualcosa sia da perfezionare.

Glad that it was useful for you:) yes the camera can be used with other GoPro accessories as it comes with the waterproof case which can be attached to helmet mounts as well as bike mounts, do take note that once in the case, the sound recording will be muffled.

Ho acquistato la Firefly da ormai un mese e ho avuto modo di provarla un po, devo dire che per il suo prezzo è ottima, la qualità delle riprese non è male, il 4k non è reale e lascia un po a desiderare, mentre il 2k a 30fps è accettabile, 1080p a 60 fps è perfetto, penso che sia quest\’ultima definizione ad essere la più utilizzabile, Action Cameras se cercate qualcosa di più allora forse la Firefly non è la scelta giusta per voi.

The display shows mode (photo/video) as well as resolution selected, date (in video mode only), a counter while recording in video mode or estimated photos left on card in photo mode, WDR  (wide dynamic range) status, field of view level and battery status.

Videos and photos are absolutely fantastic with the Firefly 7S The video quality, be it in 1080p, or at 2.5K (I haven’t used the less functional 24fps 2160p resolution) look sharp, focused, and capture vivid colors well, even in challenging filming environments.


Legal Money Lender In Singapore

Legal Money Lender In Singapore


Personal loans are typically offered by financial institutions such as banks or moneylenders which extend a line of extra cash to you that has to be repaid on a monthly or a certain repayment plan. Quite often lenders will wish to make sure to get as much company as they possibly can. Online loan lending institutions Legal Money Lender Singapore in Singapore have the ability to offer you lower interest rates than conventional lending institutions. It is important to work with a money lender that is licensed with the government.

Choose money lenders that offer affordable interest rates and reasonable repayment schedules. The respondent, a Hong Kong incorporated company, had extended two loans to a company in Singapore of which the appellant was the managing director. Investment loan: The business environment in Singapore is intensely competitive and as such, you must always watch your back or lose your clients to others.

If there is anything unclear in the contract, simply clarify these details with your lender before signing up your loan application form. If you do not have a lot of time then an online loan lending institution may be the very best bet to obtain money quickly.

CreditXtra is one of the leading licensed money lenders in Singapore providing personal loans , foreigner loans , secured loans and business loans to individuals. This means most salaried and self-employed people have been forced to use illegal money lender Singapore services which are not only unscrupulous but also expensive.

Below, we summarize and compare main characteristics of licensed money lenders against a bank. Section 23 of the HKMLO and it would be contrary to the public policy of Singapore to enforce the second loan as the second loan was illegal under Hong Kong law and its enforcement would breach the principle of international comity.


Unblocked Games

Unblocked Games


If there are threaded comments off of the comment you are deleting, those will be removed as well. It depends entirely on your school – the service or algorithm they use to block sites, and if they manually add to it. If it’s automatic, you’re mostly out of luck; it isn’t hard to tell what sites are made for games, though there are unblocked games at school some holes in logic.

Adventure is not a genre as such but I would call these games in this way only and these games from sites like unblocked games66, Unblocked games77, Unblocked gamesVevo are also the perfect combination of thrill, strategy making and fun as well that makes them most adventurous one.

Since using around a cubefield unblocked becomes no animosity in our stuff, we was a year in a half for manufacturers to be in their imports: immediately receive a Word pack with 2 ladies, receive and be these guests, and mastered the separate patches party by situation with the Spanish-English blemishes on the other blotches).

You can see many online video game sites on the internet that are providing unblocked games but you must go for the reliable one and for that, you can click here- This site will provide you endless latest and greatest online games and you can choose any one game which you want to play willingly.

Many schools and workplaces have filters on their computers that prevent users from accessing certain sites, so those who are interested in gaming during their breaks and downtime need to find unblocked games they can play if they’re at school or work.


Real Time Market Data

Real Time Market Data


Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings. This is when I first saw the light, and realized that investing in altcoins that I didn’t really believe in, and that didn’t really have any truly compelling reasons they would ever overtake bitcoin or deserve any level of market share, was an incredibly foolish move.

Other options, like Feathercoin and Ether, have a
cryptocurrency better profit potential than Bitcoin right now, with the caveats we’ve already mentioned: If you’re serious about your mining then you need to keep a very close eye on the market trends , because the situation can change on a weekly or even daily basis.

At , which is Coinbase’s exchange, you’re able to get trades in for either 0% as a market maker (meaning you limit buy or sell and set your own price and ‘make’ the market), or 0.25% as a market taker (meaning you just buy or sell at whatever price the market is currently at with a market buy).

The short term price movements of a stock shouldn’t concern a long term value investor in the slightest, as a value investor doesn’t care about what the market has valued the price of a stock at, but rather only about the intrinsic value of the business behind the stock, and its future potential value.

We can help you buy bitcoins , choose a bitcoin wallet You can also read the latest news , or engage with the community on our Bitcoin Forum Please keep in mind that this is a commercial website that lists wallets, exchanges and other bitcoin related companies.


The Impact Of Relevant And Irrelevant Online Business Reviews

The Impact Of Relevant And Irrelevant Online Business Reviews


Podium makes it easy for local businesses and consumers to interact via familiar channels. A business’ profile listing on the BBB contains general overview information, like a short company bio and the company’s accreditation status, a history of any complaints made about the business and whether they were resolved, customer reviews, and the BBB’s A – F rating of the business.

In addition to their company reviews, they’ve put together a whole bunch of buyer guides for categories including talent management software, business intelligence software, core HR software, social media, and A/B testing to help people find the right product for them based on hundreds of reviews and user ratings.

Some of the apps are free and some are paid, but I guess the way I look at it is that if one is looking around for apps to automate or systemize certain functions, that suggests that the business growing and re-investing profits into systems is always a good thing!

Trustpilot is a fast-growing, community-driven consumer review platform based in Denmark, although they’ve expanded out of Europe into 65 countries, including the U.S. The platform for businesses helps companies from all over the world proactively collect customer reviews.

Even though Shopify is not the cheapest option around (aside from its Lite” plan), it definitely provides you with a high-end online shop solution, flexibility to grow with your business, 24/7 support (which is so valuable when you run a business), and pricing transparency (a lot of other online shop builders have hidden charges).


The Undeniable Reality About Betta Fish That Nobody Is Telling You

The Undeniable Reality About Betta Fish That Nobody Is Telling You

If you are considering keeping a great deal of these fish, then be sure that you simply keep male in the tank. This manner in which the fish might get stuck at a particular buoyancy. Usually pet fish aren’t thought of as a very good gift.

The 5-Minute Rule for Betta Fish

A Your betta isn’t interested in food. Bettas ought to be fed once every day. They are from the Anabantoid family which has a special way of breathing oxygen from the atmosphere by using a labrynth organ or unique type of lung. Because of this, it’s far better continue to keep bettas in an aquarium that isn’t too large.

By the time that it gets visually noticeable it’ll as often as not betta fish for sale be too late for your betta. Bettas are anabantidae, in other words, they can breathe oxygen straight from the air. If you prefer your betta to love his new house, it’s well worth the additional effort.

Perhaps it’s because they don’t treat other kinds of fish as competitors for females. Although, unlike others, fish have a tendency to breed in various ways. In this way the fish can still find each other. You won’t ever know, your freshwater aquarium fish might even become your very best friend also!

Turn everything on permit it to run overnight, you ought to be able to purchase your fish the next day. It permits the fish to breathe small quantities of air and use the oxygen available. To start with, it is crucial to have a female Betta fish.

Thunderbolt 3, what it is and why it is revolutionary

Thunderbolt 3, what it is and why it is revolutionary


With the advent of 4k monitors and TVs, and with the arrival of increasingly faster SSD drives on the market, the need to use high-performance connection interfaces, capable of delivering content in a satisfactory way, will be increasingly felt. The notebooks, on the other hand, become increasingly compact and light, often sacrificing the connectivity aspect.

Today available ports and cables do not allow you to keep abreast of the ever increasing demand for bandwidth.


Thunderbolt 3 Changes Everything and revolutionizes the scenario. The interface now uses-in its third version-the new USB Type C Connector thus allowing the connection of all kinds of devices.


Thunderbolt was designed in 2011 by Intel in conjunction with Apple. At the time, the USB 3.0 interface was capable of transferring data up to 5 Gbps (or 640 MB/s) while the first Thunderbolt generation had a dual bandwidth (10 Gbps).

Thunderbolt, then, unlike USB, allows you to transfer multiple types of data: it is not limited, therefore, only to a serial transmission of data to storage media and hardware devices but allows you to transfer video signals to monitor and display in general.


The Thunderbolt interface allows, furthermore, to activate a daisy link: This means that you can connect, for example, a data storage unit to your computer and then connect a display to it. Each device will work in the expected way.


Originally designed to extend the possibilities of USB 3.0, Thunderbolt used a mini DisplayPort connector that Apple immediately inserted into its MacBook Pro in 2011.

Also due to production costs, the use of the Thunderbolt connector was always a “niche” choice and few systems were to embrace it.


What is the USB Type-C connector?


USB Type-C is the new connector designed to replace the ubiquitous Micro usb that is found, for example, on every Android smartphone as well as in many other devices.

The goal, over time, is also to replace the popular USB connector Type-A, by all known as the USB connector par excellence.


The USB Type-C connector is compact and small but the main prerogative is that it is now reversible: there is no longer a “verso” for the insertion of the USB cable.

In addition, USB type-C can possibly power the connected devices by transferring more energy: it switches from 2.5 W of USB 2.0 and from 4.5 W of USB 3.0 to 7.5 and 15 W of USB Type-C. However, these values are “default”: Where necessary, in fact, USB Type-C can transfer up to 100 W allowing to power and recharge even the notebooks.


In the article recognizing USB ports, USB Type-A and type-C we have highlighted all the major differences between USB Type-C and predecessors.


With USB Type-C smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices can recharge very quickly and the same cable that you use to power a notebook may be used to connect many devices.

Theoretically, you can recharge your smartphone by connecting it to a tablet, notebook or other mobile device: So, you can reboot your device immediately if the battery autonomy is not sufficient for its ignition.


Thunderbolt 3 plus USB Type-C connector: The dawn of a new era


Instead of the initially selected mini DisplayPort connector, Thunderbolt 3 uses USB Type-C. It is an epochal choice and certainly apt for several reasons:


USB C vs Thunderbolt 3“Si release” from the niche sector which was initially linked. Apple is the only company that has really supported the Thunderbolt interface. Thanks to the use of the USB Type-C connector, however, things are now destined to change.


Thunderbolt started today to show itself in multiple laptops and ultrabooks; As a result, a strong increase in the products that support it implies an increase in compatible devices.


-a more widespread spread of Thunderbolt 3 is also good news for USB Type-C. The USB Type-C cables, at the end, allow you to transfer more energy and are equipped with a reversible connector. Thanks to Thunderbolt, however, their potential widens enormously.


It must be said that not all USB Type-C ports are Thunderbolt 3 compatible: Hardware that does not use Intel Skylake processors does not have Thunderbolt controllers (most mobile devices do not use Intel technology).

If you connect a USB Type-C device to a Thunderbolt 3 port, it will work but cannot use the Thunderbolt interface’s own features.

Similarly, a Thunderbolt 3 device connected to a USB Type-C Port will work but will not take advantage of Thunderbolt features.


Support for Thunderbolt 3 was included in the Intel Skylake chipsets that saw the light in the last part of 2015.


Thunderbolt 3 Features


Thunderbolt 3 allows you to perform an infinity of operations with a single cable: Extremely versatile, the interface allows the connection of displays, storage units and much more.


Since Thunderbolt 3 supports the latest DisplayPort specifications, you can use a single cable to handle two 4k displays at 60 Hz (4k monitors are dual-resolution compared to 1080p “Full HD”).

Unless you use the daisy connection, the cables must then be separated to reach the two monitors, but only one Thunderbolt cable is connected to the computer.


The Thunderbolt 3 interface is then unbeatable because of data transfer speeds. You can even evaluate the purchase of a case outside the computer (like this; not yet available on Amazon Italy) that accommodates two hard drives or SSDs and allows you to activate a RAID configuration (avoid data loss: How to configure RAID).


With the Thunderbolt 3 connection, data transfer rates of up to 785 MB/s can be achieved by simultaneously sending streaming content to the connected 4k monitors.

If you want to concentrate on storage needs, you can obtain data transfers up to 5 GB/s; Performance 8 times better than USB 3.0 and 4 times compared to USB 3.1.

The bottleneck may at this point reside in the performance of the disk drives and not in the cable and in the interface itself.


Improve the performance of your PC’s graphics card with an external box


Products like Razer Core (see the most powerful video card you connect via cable: Razer box) Well highlight the possibilities offered by Thunderbolt 3.


The Razer Core is a eGFX box i.e. an external device that extends the capabilities in terms of the graphical processing of the system in use. The connection is via Thunderbolt 3 interface: A compact and lightweight notebook can instantly turn into a powerful 3d rendering machine and video game.

Although the band offered by Thunderbolt 3 is not even remotely comparable with the PCIe interface, devices such as Razer Core can dramatically increase performance, for example, of any notebook.



Want To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing ? Try These Tips!

Want To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing ? Try These Tips!

Working with an affiliate to sell products can be a great source of income, but only if you take the time to properly market their goods. To see success, you need to draw customers to your links, convince them to click them, and get them to buy the products they see. Here are a few tips that will help you do just that.

Remember that as an affiliate it is only your job to drive someone to a company’s product. It is not your job to sell the product. If you attempt to sell the product and advertise it at the same curso de conserto de celular time, you may end up losing more commissions than you gain. Allow the company to do the selling.

One of the best ways to increase your affiliate expertise level, is to study what other marketers are doing with similar products. By viewing their tactics, you will understand how they attract people to their sites and ultimately send them to the main company’s site to become customers. It’s a working method that can help you increase commissions.

For affiliate marketers dealing with emails, it is important that you maintain a publishing schedule for your mails. You will need to do this for auto-responders and for broadcast messages. Also be sure to keep track of your clicks, earnings per mail, and other vital information to tell you if your campaign is working.

If an affiliate program isn’t working for you, try something else. There are so many different affiliate marketing programs out there that finding the one that fits with your audience and your style takes some time. Research ad testing into your page to track what is working and what isn’t it. Check your favorite products to see if they offer affiliate marketing programs as well, you aren’t limited to just the big affiliate sites.

Affiliate marketing takes a lot of work, but it also has a lot of rewards. The advice in this article should give you plenty of ways to make your relationship with your affiliates a profitable one. Putting a little extra effort into your marketing will help your wallet get a little bit fuller.

Top Choices of Best Duck Calls

Top Choices of Best Duck Calls

Best Duck Calls at a Glance

A duck whistle is a very powerful and frequently underutilized duck hunting tool. Ultimately, If you’re worried how it fairs reaching ducks at distance, a seasoned caller shouldn’t have any problem working it. It’s undoubtedly among the ideal duck calls out today.

Learning how to call ducks isn’t as hard as you might think. best duck call Learn these, and you are going to be in a position to bring ducks closer in virtually every hunting situation. If you’re hiding in the blind and aren’t certain what kind of duck that you want to call, then you’ll probably be carrying many distinctive callers. Obviously, you aren’t restricted to just the four duck calls that we’ve outlined and discussed. It’s not much louder than a true duck.

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Best Duck Calls

A duck call is a little device that assists you to sound as a duck. In fact, it should be the very first piece of gear that you purchase and figure out how to use when preparing for a duck hunt. Pick the best duck call is frequently a mixture of private skill and environmental requirements. The very best duck call for beginners could just be the ideal duck call for experts too.

You might end up buying more than one sort of call, so test each 1 out and locate the call that works the ideal for you. Following that, you’re going to want a call. The optimal/optimally duck call on the planet can’t help you if you’re unable to make a good outcome.

What You Need to Do About Best Fidget Spinners

What You Need to Do About Best Fidget Spinners

If you want to buy one, it’s an excellent concept to learn about the greatest iPhone cases. If you’ve already got a great username concept, but it’s taken, consider altering it. When picking a file transfer service it is an excellent idea to have an awareness of the file size that you plan to transfer so you can find out whether the service you’re considering are going to be able to support it. It’s a very good notion to get an iPhone since it’s the greatest smart phone readily available on the market today according to numerous experts.

Get an ultrasound whenever possible to calm your head about things being wrong. The mind impacts the human body and the human body impacts the mind. You see, the body and mind are linked.

Learn what you should do to stop being so hyper so you can relax. You just need to quit thinking about yourself” 8. Learn what it is that you’re anxious about. It’s possible for you to freelance anytime. You must make it even more personal and not as keyword-stuffed. You might feel silly doing this at first, but it’s been said to be quite effective for lots of individuals. You are able to repeat this for each one of the ones you weren’t sure about removing.