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What are the Limitations that Financial Advisors Got in their Business?

While most of the people keep looking for some experts to suggest them with the do’s and not to do’s with their money in various turns of their life, they hardly know the difference between a financial advisor and an investment advisor. And one common attitude seen in most of these people’s life is to do away with this careless mistake. While you’re entrusting your hard earned money in the hand of an individual it is earnestly important for you to know whom to deploy for taking the crucial financial decisions on your behalf.

ASC Financialis one such financial advising firm that provides their clients with some of the efficient advisors like Andrew Corbman who can plan the entire financial career. In fact some of their experts make it clear between the investment advisors and financial advisors so that their clients can hire them wisely and get the best result of their investments.

A financial advisor is simply one who buys and sells securities on behalf of their clients. It seems to be very simple, but might be not that easy indeed. Mostly people tend to hire these financial advisors when they meet their retirement years, and get their pensions plans programmed. From offering stocks, bonds, mutual funds to assisting them with some wealth distribution plans at the end of their life, these financial advisors provide all the services that their clients claim. In order to do so, knowledge is must and these people have the complete review of the market before advising their clients. Financial market is one such field that never keeps constant and the daily ups and downs in the market needs to be followed with close notice in order to help people make the best decision of their life. These financial advisors even go on to attain other certifications which enhance their credibility in the industry and in their case; the learning is an ongoing process.

On the other hand, the investment advisors almost share the same portfolio with the financial advisors but there’s just one difference in between the two. Termed as the fiduciary, this actually means a lot to those who actually seek the help of these investment advisors. Primarily, the investment advisors need to be registered by the Government. Although at times, the financial advisors push their portfolio to serve as the investment advisors to gain some extra commission, the investment advisors are held at much higher standards. Being the fiduciaries, they are required to place the interest of their clients much before their own interests or the interest of any brokerage firm. The difference between the financial advisors and the investment advisors can be ascertained when they disclose their fees. For the financial advisors earning the commissions depend on the rate of the products that they sale. Again, being the fiduciary, these investment advisors can easily do away with the conflicts by charging according to the work completed and not on the sales of the products.

While it comes to protecting the wealth or the future of an individual the decisions must be taken carefully and ASC Financial provides such expert financial advisors like Andrew Corbman who can help with taking the decision keeping the current market trends in mind. So while it’s about protecting the future, it must be made sure that the investment is done in the safest hands.

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What are the benefits you can avail through the Best lease deals for car online?

What are the benefits you can avail through the Best lease deals for car online?

In current scenario, it may seem quite difficult to own a luxury car because of its windy expenses, after sale service and regular fuel expenditure. Moreover, the insurance of the car and occasional repairs add-on operating cost to your overall budget. However, it is beneficial to invest in leased cars than the pre-owned cars. Lease is a very fruitful option for the service class and middle income group people. There are various factors which is responsible for the best lease deals research these days-

  • Flexibility in choice– You are able to invest in different cars one after the other, once the lease period of a present car is over. You don’t have to buy insurance or invest into a stereo system. You can take a car home on lease like BMW new series and after 6 months of drive experience you can switch over to the other popular car brand.
  • Easy to book- No wait or extra charges applied for the lease car deals. These are the pre-owned or second hand purchased vehicles which are available with the car dealer in the locality. They showcase the vehicles on their web portal and circulate through search engine optimization. You can easily visit their web portal at any point of time and book a car on lease without providing bank statements of any advanced legal documents for verification.
  • Security deposit returns- There are a security amount deposited to the auto dealer. In case the borrower mishandles the vehicle during the lease period, then he will charge repair dues from the security amount and will return the rest at the time of lease period termination.

What are the documents required?

To avail the best lease deals on luxury cars, you are supposed to present driving license, address verification and a bank copy for auto debit order system regulation (if required). Otherwise no further verification is oriented by the car dealer. Being a local native you will be able to avail some valuable discounts too.


How an Asset Management Company helps the Client to make the Right Move?

Most of the investors believe that they have enough asset management skills to manage their own financial assets efficiently and effectively over time. In many cases such investors fail. However, if they take help of an asset management company they can get a diverse range of facilities that include both long term as well as short term investment plans.

Chuck Whitman is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer at Whitman Asset Management (WAM) located in Chicago. This Chicago-based international macro tactical asset management company uses processes, technology, and systems to recognize in a scalable manner, investment chances across a wide range of investment selections, with the aim of assisting clients build portfolios with excellent risk-managed scalable earnings to clients. Chuck has reaped a successful career in trading for more than thirty years now. His extensive experience in this field has helped Whitman Asset Management to reach the new heights of success. He has excellent skills in the following arenas which include:

  • Trading systems
  • Trading strategies
  • Financial markets
  • Derivatives
  • Proprietary Trading
  • Electronic Trading
  • Commodity
  • Equities

In addition, to this he has extensive knowledge about technical analysis, hedging, portfolio management, hedge funds and capital markets. After completing his education from DePaul University; he started with his professional career. He has worked with Infinium Capital Management for more than a decade as founder and the Chief Executive Officer as well as Chairman. During his tenure at Infinium Capital Management; he has helped the company to grow vastly and become as one of Chicago’s Top Companies to work for.

Chuck Whitman , the renowned investment strategist says that his company Whitman Asset Management is dedicated to offer clients with excellent scalable returns. This firm provides clients with other investment programs that target extraordinary risk-adjusted returns. In addition, at the Chicago Board of Trade, Mr. Whitman has been known as one of the best agricultural options traders. He has expended several years and billions of dollars to apprehend how to be an effective speculator using a Macroeconomic approach through extensive use of technical arrangements and pointers.

Under the supervision of Mr. Whitman, Whitman Asset Management has been able to provide the customers with vast ranging fixed income based investment tools such as corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, municipal or international bonds and so on.

Chuck is a well-known name, an eminent personality when it comes to the US Asset or Wealth Management market. He makes sure that his company today, present explanations based on diverse levels, from corporate houses to individual investors. The firm works along with their investors and offer consistent advice as per the movement of the financial markets. As rightly stated by Chuck, alternative investments are usually high-risk, high-return financial assets; therefore, it is vital for investors to investigate and consult with a financial expert before making an investment commitment.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that the practical nature of the Whitman Asset Management makes it possible for the clients to make the right move, preventing any damage to the assets.

All You Need to Know about the Entire Process of Acquisition

Every business owner has some kind of a strategy to expand the business, and one of those strategies is the corporate process of acquisition. Acquisition is the way by which one company acquires another one that is usually smaller and weaker than it. It is also termed as the ‘take over’ process. So this could be one of the ways to execute your business strategy skilfully.

This process is often spoken about in collaboration with another one called the merger, and together both are known as mergers and acquisitions (M&A). It is a general error to consider both as one and the same thing, though the two are combining process, yet there are differences between the two. The experts who deal with all types of M&As such as Amit Raizada will be able to clearly define and differentiate the two for you.

There is no doubt in the fact that if this process of acquisition is not well planned and executed it can turn out to be a complete disaster and therefore it is important to chalk out the entire process to avoid any loopholes. The veterans of acquisitions, or acquirers as you would call them, take their own time to decide their target properly. They track their targets sometimes for years before making an attempt to acquire it.

It is not necessary that you acquire only that which is put on sale, you should acquire something that you want to acquire. This shows that you are a clear and unique headed acquirer. Your targets should be based on your strategies and surely identifying and executing this is not any easy job for you to do alone. It is hence that you should take the help of your divisional leadership teams and involve them in the task. This renders helpful in the post acquisition integration period.

It is helpful if you could make a rough list of the targets you are interested in, in segments that are desirable to you. The growth areas should be of highest priority to you; it is hence that you will need a clear vision and understanding of the years and trends to come.

Making an acquisition profile could be another way for you to decide on the acquisition. An acquisition profile contains your business profile, the primary activities, the technology that will be used, the ownership, business models, cultural fit, finances, management and size and geography of your existing business. This should hold in comparison to the unique features of the acquirable property in question.

The entire process of both an acquisition and a merger are rather difficult, which if not handled by capable and efficient people like Spectrum Business Ventures’ CEO Amit Raizada , is bound to fall flat on the face and along with it the entire business. It is hence best to seek professional help for the purpose and decide whether or not you still require help outside.

Establishing and employing an acquisition team is a great way and idea to get more people involved in the acquisition.