Biggest sporting upsets in the past 10 years

Who doesn’t love a sporting upset? When David beats Goliath, it’s what makes the sports we watch so exhilarating and electric. No matter what sport it is, everyone loves the triumph of that underdog and throughout history there has been some big shocks throughout the sporting world that plainly shouldn’t have happened. In every match, there is favourite and there is an underdog, it’s as simple as that. So let’s have a look at some of the biggest sporting upsets that have been recorded in the past 10 years:

Leicester winning the Premier League

The thing that’s so magical about this scenario- it’s one thing causing a one off shock result, but to do it over the course of an entire football season is unheard of. Leicester was 5,000-1 to win the Premier League at the beginning of the season after who by the way  just avoided relegation the season before. However, week in and week out they managed to say ahead of the rest after going top on the 16th of January and managed to lift the trophy for the first time in their history making it possibly the greatest sporting upset of all time.

Japan Beat South Africa in the Rugby World Cup

When former two-time champions South Africa took the field for their World Cup opening game against Japan, the outcome was predicted to go South Africa’s way without a doubt. The Spirngboks have never lost their opening match of the competition, whilst Japans only previous win in the tournament has come against Zimbabwe in 1991. However after an intense game, Japan ended up winning 34-32 and the 80/1 Japan defied the odds.

Michael Bisping’s 2 week preparation

UFC 199 was originally supposed to be a matchup between Luke Rockhold (Champion) and Chris Weidman. A very exciting rematch was on the cards; however it ended prematurely due to an unfortunate injury to Weidman- 2 weeks prior to the event. Regardless of this injury, Dana White (UFC president) still wanted a fight to happen, so the UFC went straight to work in finding a new opponent for Rockhold. A number of names popped up that would fit the bill, yet it was Britain’s own Michael Bisping whom seems most creditable to be the number one contender for this fight. With just two weeks’ notice he ceased on the opportunity and begun his preparation. Due to the lack of time and Bisping’s history, Rockhold was a heavy favourite for this fight.

There’s also never been an English champion so the odds were firmly stacked again the Englishman. Nonetheless, as the main event commenced, it only took the 1st round to knock Rockhold to the ground allowing Bisping to capitalise on his progression and become the first ever British champion.

Netherlands beat England at Lords in World T20 opener

The opening night of the World T20, the home of cricket, England came up against an associate nation. But the Dutch ignored that title and sprung one of the great shocks by reaching the target of 162 in another contender for the lowest points for English cricket.

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